Thanks to a phone carrier in Sweden we are now very confident in announcing that the HTC One mini is manufactured by the Taiwanese company.The Swedish website has since taken down the information that showed us that the mini was one of the devices that support their HD’s voice feature.

Samsung first started the Galaxy mini variant for HTC then copied a successor to their standard sized flagship and it. One of the attributes that give Android so much success is the fact that there is so much variety compared to other companies like Apple who just have the iPhone flagship and have since increased he range to a budget version.

With that being said, HTC did not make many sales last year with the mini model so nobody was sure if HTC would continue to make the phones again this year. With or without the sales they would have liked, as long as they aren’t losing money in the process it’s a sound plan to keep manufacturing them at least for now to attest that they are holding up with their main rivals in Samsung.

In my opinion, they won’t be a sell out this year either because HTC didn’t do enough to steal existing customers of other smartphones away with their current M8 flagship so the same can be expected for the smaller version of it. In fat, because this mini also comes with fewer specs, it will struggle to stand out at all because even the full sized M8 did not stack up fantastically against the competition with specs after they included a lackluster camera and also the Snapdragon 801 system chip. The 801 will be outdated by July 2014.

Now that we know that the One 2 mini does exist, we can reveal what specs we have heard it could be having. There is a rumored 4.5-inch display, a resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 chip which is common for these smaller devices, a quad core, 1400 MHz, ARM Cortex-A7 and the most fascinating aspect is the 13 megapixel camera. Internet browsing will be bolstered by built-in YouTube, Google+ and Picasa because it is an Android-based smartphone. It will be very handy with a MiroSD card that makes backing up and storing data from internal memory very simple. We are also expecting 16 Gb of RAM and even though most of the features or lesser quality than it is Daddy, it still has the same Sense 6.0 software to use which should entice enough people to get the extra sales figures it needs.

The pictures in this post are of the M8 and are only to be used as a guide of what the mini 2 version will look like until we get official images brought out.