If you live in the United States and want to own a brand spanking pristine mid-ranger that doesn’t cost a great deal perhaps try out the new HTC Desire 612. What’s more, the newfangled 612 is up for grabs for one of the nations leading phone carriers that offer fantastic coverage in Verizon. The big red are always the preference of choice when it comes to buying phones unless you live in an area that you know is safe to use on one of the lesser known carriers.

Furthermore, if you are shopping for a second-hand smartphone from eBay you will find the Verizon handsets costing more than the US Cellular or Boost Mobile versions for that same reason. That matters if you are looking for prepaid phones and not wanting to go on a 2-year contract. If you are stepping down from the top-end flagships and not on the phone all day long, suddenly the prepaid option looks inviting.

Desire 612

You should know that the 610 is already a smartphone name given to the AT&T variant of the same hardware design that first came out during July of this year. That means you are getting a device that is already a few months old. However, if you like the colors black and red and are shopping around, this is still amazing value for money.

Nevertheless, when it comes to the Desire, they are cleverly counteracting that notion by offering up the 612 for free on contract. That means you pay nothing but your monthly bills for the fixed amount. Rumors have long suggested that an innovative device was coming from the Taiwanese manufacturer of smartphones and tablets, built before now we only knew it as the 610. However, now thanks to big name websites such as Phone Arena, we know that they are changing the name to official read the HTC Desire 612. If you don’t know much about that name we recently told you about the Desire idea hitting India and potentially other parts around Asia to compete with the Samsung Galaxy Grand prime as a dedicated ‘seflie’ mobile.

To serve as a refresher the device sports a quad-core Snapdragon 400 system chip clocked at 1.2 GHz, a 4.7-inch physical display, 480 x 854 screen resolution, BoomSound speakers, 8 MP rear-facing snapper with LED flash and a further 1.3 MP available on the front for those social media photos