Much like with Torrents using a torrent client such as uTorrent, the new Microsoft Windows 10 automatic update works by users helping each other download by utilizing a new Windows Update Delivery Optimization feature. The ‘WUDO’ feature is extremely clever, but it does use up your bandwidth. You might already know about the feature with most torrent clients that allows you to limit the uploading and just maximize the downloading. It’s only fitting each service allows this option, though most won’t tell you about it since it’s not in their best interest.

Microsoft has equally done a great job of keeping this feature quiet. Most people have no idea that using the Windows Update service is using additional bandwidth to help others in being able to download theirs.

Some people are more than happy to share bandwidth with other users and help out when possible. Others have an issue with a billion dollar company using the funds coming from us ‘ordinary’ folk who probably helped create that billion dollar company. For those that don’t agree with what Microsoft is doing, you might be interested in turning it off. Here’s how to do that:


  • The WUDO feature is automatically enabled for Windows 10 Home and Windows 10 Pro users. That means upgrading to one of those two versions, you will be losing bandwidth unless you stop it.


1. Press Ctrl+I to launch the Settings.

2. Navigate to the Windows Update Settings from the search results.

3. Click ‘Advanced’.

4. Click ‘Select How Updates Are Delivered’.

5. You’ll now see a screen with the title ‘Update from more than one place’.

6. Look down the page and toggle the only switch available to the ‘off’ position.

You can now exit the Settings and your bandwidth will no longer be used as part of the Windows 10 downloading for others around the world.