Growing up as a youngster, geeks were never cool, but there were always a select few guys that loved Star Wars and they were the cool ones. Yes, Star Wars have always been that big of a deal, there is no person the subculture has not affected by any stretch of the imaginations. One of those people is the famous rapper 50 cent and he has brought out his own line of headphones.

’50 Cent” is the entrepreneur. In my homeland of Australia, he was seen in pimple cream advertisements late at night. Now it seems he has taken a leaf out of Dr. Dre books. Dre has his own line of Beats headphones and they generated £1.25bn in 2013.

Star Wars headphones

Most of us, Star Wars fans included, might not know that today is the day that the world commiserate everything Star Wars and celebrating the festivities there is some crazy stuff going down including Pizza deliver boys in the US riding bikes wearing Storm Trooper heads.

What does this all have to do with mobile you say? Well, we are not starting to classify headsets as mobile products so don’t worry. No, SMS Audio, who are the founding company behind these ear pieces, are big Android fans, or so the story goes. That is all it takes for us to show off something we love these days!

Headphones have changed a lot over the years. When I was a teenager, it was fashionable to wear them tiny tucked away inside the ear. It did give good sound when you applied pressure with your fingers, but the adults told us that was dangerous for the ear drums and in all seriousness it probably was. It is funny how fashion can change, but I think today’s style of headgear to listen to music is more than just looks, there is also an element of practicality that is second to none and I dig the way they look at the present day more than I ever have before.

I mentioned earlier how Dre made over a billion dollars for a similar product. A big reason for the amount of revenue is that they do not come cheap. That is the case here once again as a set of these “Force Be With You” ear cups will cost $199.99. If you have shopped around for a pair of these before you will know they always come in different quality. A big reason they are so good is that the expensive items block out sound well and offer an excellent base sound for what they are. These sets of Star Wars headphones are made to compete with the high-end market, but more towards the low-end of it. Nobody wants to pay too much money for something that has so much appeal for the design alone, but at the same time, nothing is very collectible unless it is a fine quality. They have marketed and made these perfectly down the middle where die-hard fans can enjoy these sitting on the mantle top as much as they can when they are sitting over the head.

These are collectibles. There are four different sets to choose from including the Storm trooper Edition, Boba feet edition, Rebel Alliance and Galactic Empire. They all come with their own personal and unique design. On top of that, there is a carry case, removable cable with mic, stickers, cleaning cloth, owner’s manual and a certificate of authenticity for each one.

View them all direct from this official product page. Sales start today.