The Sprint newsroom is reporting a new Android 5.0 Lollipop over the air software update arriving for the Sprint variant of the LG G3 smartphone. As you know by now, Lollipop is the latest software version for Android devices and it comes with a great deal extra over the older KitKat version. Lollipop started rolling out to devices during November of 2014 to the Motorola and Google owned Nexus range of handsets. From there it trickled down the list and two of the last known flagships to get it include the LG G3 for some phone carrier networks and the HTC One M8 thanks to Sense 6.0 integration.

According to the official support page and changelog, users are finding the new material design user interface, more efficient battery use thanks to the new battery saver mode, Android TV support, smart notifications with priority notifications for important events plus a great deal more. Users also have new features available from the lock screen, Google Mobile Device updates, Google hangouts available from messaging, enhanced low vision and improvements for the color blind. Apart from that list, we also know Lollipop comes with other features such as a new Quick Settings, tap and go NFC payments, screen pinning, multiple device sharing, Android RunTime replacing the old Dalvik system and still more. You’ll have to check out the rest for yourself like the new Easter Egg that plays like Flappy Bird.

LG G3 Lollipop

Just like all the other over the air notifications, this one is arriving to people at different times. That means your friends might already have the download available from the display while you could be waiting for days or even weeks. It does eventually find its way around to all owners so stay patient. Those looking to jump the waiting line can sometimes find the official file available for manual installation.

Those Sprint G3 owners erring on the side of caution should think about backing up the smartphone data before accepting the “install now” option on the display. Use the built-in functionality to make copies of the phone contacts and pictures if nothing else. That way if your device stalls and you need a hard reset you can restore the data. Note that nobody expects data loss when updating through official software updates from Google and Sprint. It’s just a precaution.

As usual, we are interested in your take on things. Let us know how to goes and if you are enjoying the experience. Did you manage to install the file OK and is Lollipop living up to expectations? Are you finding heaps of bugs? Let us know what you think in the comments below.