Samsung unveiled their first commercially available LTE-A Tri-Band Carrier Aggregation smartphone that delivers 300 Mbps download speed. It’s the first of its smartphone kind the world has ever seen. All of this is arriving with the South Korean Samsung Galaxy Note 4 which is coming out with a bevy of features you can read up on here.

You may remember Sammy bringing out the Samsung Galaxy S5 Plus that boost the system chip up from the usual S5 that launched in February 2014. Well, as you know, the Note 4 is already out for some time. The new variant is following in the S5’s foot steps and updating the system chip to the octa-core Snapdragon 810 version.

Note 4

The standout feature here which separates the South Korean Note 4 from the S5 Plus is the new LTE-A Tri Band CA which delivers blazing speeds and smartly selects available bandwidths for optimizing the connection. Apart from those two features, there’s not much else that’s different. That includes coming out of the box with the old software and not the new Android 5.0 Lollipop. That’s a shame considering so many current flagships are already finding the new software update rolling out over the air. That said, just because it doesn’t come with the Lollipop version out of the box doesn’t mean a future OTA update isn’t around the corner. It probably won’t be long until the owners will find a new software update notification arriving for the latest software Android is offering on the market.

Correspondingly, the new Note 4 is coming with Android 4.4 KitKat for the OS. KitKat comes with lots of goodies including the revamped phone dialer with a new blue shade and font, important Google security patches for OpenSSL, immersive mode for using the screen real estate, wireless printing, new emoji icons for chatting, white and transparent status and navigation bars, full screen album art from the lock screen and more.

Moreover, the display is 5.7” Quad HD Super AMOLED with a 2560 x 1440 pixel resolution. The S pen comes with Air Command, Snap Note, Direct Pen Input, S Note, Multi Window, Ultra Power Saving Mode and a Voice Recorder. The phone comes with a range of native Google bloatware including Google Chrome, Drive, Google+ social networking, Gmail, Google hangouts, Play Books, Play games and Play Newsstand.

You’ll find all the usual sensors including the LEDProximity, Finger Scanner, Barometer, plus the new UV sensor and heart rate monitor for further focus on health.

Funnily enough there’s no mention of the new 810 chip-set from the official features yet. However, the official features list which you can find from the link above at “Samsung Tomorrow” doesn’t include the hardware. That means two things: they are hiding it and it’s likely because they want it as a surprise. The folks over at Sam Mobile are reporting the new chip set found on the benchmark database and they are adamant it’s coming.