The Sony Xperia Z is that mobile phone which caught the world’s eye during CES 2013 when it was shown fully submerged in water. That is something we have never seen before in smart phones at all. On top of that, it managed to remain on up to 3 feet of water, and for up to 30 minutes. Suffice to say you shouldn’t have any water issues unless you completely flush it down the toilet and never locate it again.

It wasn’t long after that saw the release of the Z1 after that which has also been successful.

Now, though, there are sources which are saying we can be expecting a Z2 on the way very soon. The Z2 apparently will be code named ‘Avatar’ and will have a 5.2 inch screen IGZO Triluminuous display. This is also expected to come along with 500ppi pixel density.

That is big news because the current best phone out on the market is equipped with 446ppi, meaning it will be 54ppi better than anything we have seen before.

It is expected to also have the popular Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset, which is really popular in recent times. Memory is said to be 3GB RAM. Battery life will be put on hold via a 3200mAh piece. Other features include a 20.7MP rear facing camera.