Sony is launching a new smartband in collaboration with the ROXY surf company that you can wear anywhere. If you spend a great deal of time at the beach you’d know that jewelry and other accessories aren’t always wise to wear. That’s where the new-age smartband steps in around your wrist. Since it’s a plastic band that doesn’t corrode or ruin the material, it’s a smart choice to wear.

The new limited edition ROXY SWR10 smartband works with the Japanese phone-makers lifelog application so users can keep track of everything in your every day life from how many steps you take to the time you spend listening to music.


Sony have three pieces of wearable technology in their range already. There’s the SmartWatch 3, Smartband talk SWR30 and the Smartband SWR10. The ROXY band is a new edition to the SWR10 range. All three pieces work with Lifelog.

As I mentioned before, the appeal with the new band is that you can wear it anywhere, it’s light and doesn’t take up much of the wrist, it tracks heaps of statistics that isn’t just about your exercise, it’s waterproof, you can take photos laying on the sand and it’s ready to go on your journey with you anywhere. Furthermore, as someone who surfs, I can say that the limited edition wearable technology looks light enough to not affect your performance out in the water. Usually surfers don’t like wearing a lot extra out in the water. Of course, in the water isn’t the only place where this is¬†useful. It’s more desirable if you live that beach lifestyle.



You can watch the official advertisement below: