One of the most commonly requested features by Windows users before Windows 10 came out was a note-taking app. It’s one of those simple things that many people like to make use of. Microsoft is probably underwhelmed by how many people use Sticky Notes just because there are easily accessible online note-taking apps now such as Google Keep and they are also made very well. It can often be just as easy if not easier to head to Google Search and open Google Keep even if you are using Windows and do not have a browser open yet.

Nevertheless, Sticky Notes is there. And one of the ways you can make it as efficient as possible to use is by staying signed in automatically. Like with Google Keep, once you are signed in to your Microsoft account, most people would hope that their Sticky Notes account opens automatically for them. Google Keep manages to do that and so does Windows 10 thanks to your Microsoft account. That said, you can sign out of Sticky Notes if you share a computer.

The following tutorial demonstrates how to sign on and out of the Sticky Notes app when using a version of the Windows 10 operating system.

How to Sign in and Sign out of Sticky Notes in Windows 10

You can sign in and out of the Sticky Notes app in Windows 10 from the Sticky Notes settings and from the Start menu. Here is how to do it both ways:

1. The easiest method to sign in and out of Sticky Notes is from the Sticky Notes app itself. Signing in is self-explanatory: Open the Sticky Notes app, and if you are signed out already, it will give you a login screen. For those who are signed in and want to sign out, click on the three-dotted menu > All Notes > Settings.

2. You can also sign in and out of Sticky Notes from the Start menu. To do it this way, open the Start menu, scroll down to the Sticky Notes app and right-click on it, click on Settings, and then under where it says Sign in to sync your notes to the cloud, click on Sign in.

In conclusion, that is how to sign in and out of the Sticky Notes app in Windows 10.