One of the ways you can make your use of Windows Vista more efficient is by making a program the default for all file types and protocols it can open. There is a dedicated default programs section where you can set these rules up.

The following tutorial demonstrates how to set default associations for a program when using a version of the Windows Vista operating system.

How to Set Default Associations For a Program in Windows Vista

You can set default associations for programs from the Default Programs section in the Control Panel. Here is where you can find it:

1. Open the Control Panel and from the top right corner select to view the menu in its Classic View.

2. From the Classic View, click on Set your default programs.

3. From the Choose the programs that Windows uses by default heading, click on any of the following links depending on what it is you want to do:

  • Set your default programs if you want to set a default program.
  • Associate a file type or protocol with a program if you want to associate a file or protocol with a program.
  • Change Autoplay settings to change the way CDs and other media play.
  • Set program access and computer defaults to control how programs are accessed.

In conclusion, that is how to set default associations for programs in Windows Vista.