Swirly SMS is a new Cydia tweak we have just found out about that lets users of jailbroken devices send free SMS texts around the world. This brand new tweak is available for iPad 3 for free. Swirly is only available for the iPad 3G, but is a great way to connect and send text if you own one of those devices.

Having Swirly for iPad 3 has some good things going for it. For example, most of us prefer to type on bigger devices. It’s just easier. So if you own an iPad and have the ability to use it as a texting device then why not do it? That seems to be the philosophy here, and it seems to be working. For a Cydia tweak that is only for the iPad 3 it is being searched for surprisingly frequently.



Being able to get your mitts on the Swirly free tweak to send free SMS on Cydia shouldn’t be too difficult either. Just taking a look through Google, it is available from just about every Repo you could possibly think of, including the big ones like ModMyi and the BigBoss.

Setting up the SMS app is really simple to do. After installation it should start working right away. You will see an activation option available in the settings panel, however, this is to set up the MMS not the standard SMS.

Update: There have been reports around the web of this no longer being free. The free trial may have ended. having said that, the users reviews are still positive and it is still being claimed as a must have app for anybody looking to text for an iPad 3.

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