A few weeks ago Sony started rolling out a new firmware update for the Sony Xperia Z2 smartphone, and it brings in a new build namely 17.1.1.A.0.438 for users to install over the top of the existing Android 4.4.2 Kitkat. However, just a couple of days ago they have apparently started a new rollout that consist of the same numbers making this obviously a nightmare for people looking for it in search results.

The first software comes with several bug fixing patches that will create a better and more stable OS when you use it afterwards. If you are one of the unlucky ones who found a bug in the last build making this work as soon as possible is obviously the wisest thing to do because there’s an excellent chance it has a solution for what you were experiencing.

Z2 from Sony

Today’s release focuses more on better ‘tap to wake’ response and to update the baseband version to 8974-AAAAANPZQ-00005-09. Identifying the new baseband might be a precise way to go about noticing the difference between the two updates at this point. The good news is that the first release will be winding down towards the end stages if it hasn’t finished arriving OTA already so it won’t confuse too many people just based on when you see it coming in as a notification. This one started several days ago and will continue presumably for at least the next week and could be stretched another week or so past that time.

If you don’t know much about mobiles, this is a good time to learn because many people I know carry their smartphones and tablets back to the manufacturers when under warranty because their OS is freezing and playing up. That isn’t going to do you any good because it’s the software that has the issue inside and not any of the hardware. More often than not the phone will be out of your hands and just sitting in the factory until they send it back to you without even doing anything. You’ll notice they won’t upgrade your software to a new version if there is no OTA available via the settings either. It’s a complete waste of time that results in nothing but you using a lend-a-phone while yours pauses to come back.

Make sure you have enough battery power remaining before you start installing this firmware. The Z2 comes with a 3200 mAh battery, and it gives 15 hours talk time. Having 50% power will be fine to see out the end of the installation. You should always do this over a permanent home WiFi connection instead of using the mobile data, so it finishes installing without cutting out. There’s also the bonus of not using up the mobile data when you don’t need to.

Check if the OTA arrival is ready for you to install by navigating to Settings > About phone > Software updates > System updates. If it isn’t there yet you will have to wait until it comes over the next few weeks or search for the file to install manually through Odin if it becomes available.

Source: Xperia Blog

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