Samsung SM-T813Android comes with a built-in function that allows you to wipe all data and restore the factory settings called hard resetting. The hard reset can also be used to troubleshoot the Android operating system when a soft reset doesn’t seem strong enough to do the job. For instance, if your Samsung smartphone or tablet is frozen, taking a hard reset might be enough to solve it. If you still have issues with the software after a hard reset, you ought to check the Settings for a software update and accept it. If there are no software updates, you may wish to consider sending the device to the manufacturer who will then update the firmware for you to another version that works better.

This tutorial demonstrates how to hard reset the Samsung SM-T813 tablet.

How to Hard Reset Samsung SM-T813

You can hard reset the Samsung SM-T813 from the Backup and Reset section of the Settings app. Here is how to do that:

1. With the Samsung SM-T813 turned on, tap Settings > Backup and Reset.

2. Tap Factory Data Reset > Reset Device.

3. Tap Erase Everything > OK.

Wait for the factory reset to complete. Once it does the Android operating system will restart and the device will be restored to factory settings. You need to restore the data if you want it restored. Those selling the device will prefer to keep the data wiped rather than restored.

There is also a secondary method for hard resetting the Samsung SM-T813 tablet which can be carried out if you cannot get access to the Settings menu. That method is as follows:

1. With the Samsung SM-T813 turned off, press and hold the Power + Home + Volume Up buttons simultaneously.

2. Wait until seeing the Samsung logo until you release the buttons and you should then be in the Android recovery environment, known as Recovery Mode.

3. From the Android System Recovery menu, select Wipe data/factory reset.

4. Select Yes — wipe all user data.

5. Wait for the factory reset to complete and for the Android Recovery menu to be on the display again.

6. Select Reboot system now.

In conclusion, that is how to hard reset the Samsung SM-T813 tablet.