If you want to download the latest Samsung SM-G935A firmware files, you can use any of the free Samsung firmware update tools that are developed to specifically download these files from Samsung’s servers.

Many websites offer firmware files for you to download. However, the owners of those sites scrape Samsung’s servers and all you can do is assume they are offering you the correct firmware files for your device. The more reliable method of ensuring your Samsung smartphone has the right firmware file is to download them yourself from Samsung’s servers using the specially developed tools for the task.

There are numerous reliable tools for downloading free Samsung firmware files. And each download the firmware directly from Samsung’s servers. Moreover, they each try to download the latest firmware available for the device they have. Some of the tools require you to enter the smartphone’s model number and firmware details while having a feature that automatically detects the details for you.

Frija is a tool often used by those who root the Android operating system with Magisk. Often those getting root access with Magisk need to download the firmware files first. Regardless if you want to root your Samsung SM-G935A or not, you can use Frija. Developed by XDA senior member, SlackingVeteran, Frija is one of the free Samsung firmware update tools that comes with an auto detection feature.

Samloader is a little more difficult to use for downloading Samsung firmware files, but its update is that you can use it on any operating system; all your computer needs is Python 3. Note that you will need to know your device’s model number and the region as well as the firmware’s string to be able to download the firmware files with this tool.

Another excellent tool for downloading free Samsung firmware files directly from Samsung is SamFetch. SamFetch is similar to Samload, only it is a web API variant of the app. XDA Member YusufCihan worked with Samloader’s existing code to develop a simplified REST API that allows you to download the Samsung firmware.