The Galaxy SIII has started rolling out the R530UVXAMD4 over the air to selected devices. That means, depending on your region, you may well find the update coming straight to your settings panel. As usual, you will be able to update this manually, by following the guide once we have it up for you to follow. This is expected over the next few days.

Did you know that U.S> cellular started selling the Apple iPhone around June of 2013? The fruit company doesn’t just let someone carry their phones, but it seemed to take a liking to U.S. Cellular. Believe it or not, they turned the offer down, saying that the deal Apple wanted was not affordable enough for them. This year they have changed their tune and decided they will take them up on the offer after all. With a year of thinking under their belt, they now know that there is money to be made in such a deal. Hopefully, things turn out for the best. We have about another 6 months left to find out if they want it again the following year in 2014. This should give us a fair sign of how it went.

Advancing 2 months ahead of that time and sitting around mid-October, the same carrier has started using shared data plans. This will be included for all its Android phones and not just iPhones. This was ahead of when they returned the two-year contracts that they once took away.

What is the update? The update will bring Android 4.1.2 Jelly bean. Maybe not the amazing 4.2 some were hoping for, however, still a great update you can get excited about.

What does the update bring to my device? A range of cool new features. The best worth noting are the smart switch, the new much-talked-about multi-window, the new menus, and tags.

Many places in the world only just received the 4.1.1 update including Australia. No matter where you are in the world you will be able to install this update manually.

As soon as the manual update becomes available, we will post it here on the site in full.