A new made for TV commercial has been released by Samsung featuring their latest work in the flagship smartphone market — the Samsung Galaxy S5.

We’ve acknowledged for a while now that this year was going to be a bit of a “flop” in terms of smartphones and their new features. We’ve seen some clever innovation creep in from HTC and now Samsung is in a similar path only more focused on the quality of the picture and not the extra features to go along with it.

The commercial goes for 30 seconds and during it we can notice several written pieces of text popping out on the screen such as “start-of-the-art camera, meaningful innovation, heart rate sensor, IP67 dust and water resistant, 5.1 inch FULL HD Super AMOLED display. All of this before leaving us again with another mention about being inspired.

Other than a funky soundtrack you will also see new black holes in the design of this year’s model. The new design will be all over the real thing so take note of you like the idea behind the look or not. It is the pattern that can add detail to an otherwise uninspiring design, but after looking at it for a matter of years it could be more of an annoyance than anything. Personal tastes will vary here.

Many people who currently own the Galaxy S3 after being on a two-year contract are waiting anxiously to update to this S5 because their phones are hardly working or they are sick of holding the same handset for so many years and want to look at something new. If the rumors are true, and I anticipate that they are, there could well be another “prime” S5 coming in a matter of months and it will blow this one out of the water spec-wise. Our advice is to hold off for now if it is practical to do so.

What we see here is only the beginning of a range of advertisements we are expecting to find coming out across the United States and throughout other parts of the world as the official release date of April 11 beacons.