If you are a Samsung Galaxy S5 Active user and lives in northernmost countries of Europe, then I have a good news for you. Samsung had released Android 5.0 Lollipop OTA update for your Galaxy S5 smartphone and it’s coming your to your phones display within the next few weeks. Be ready to taste the sweetness of Lollipop on your Galaxy S5.

This update is now only for the Galaxy S5 Active users who are living in the Nordic countries of Europe. And this update could reach you till the end of this month. Soon Samsung will release this OTA update worldwide. If you had already rooted your phone or you are not running the stock version of OS on your phone, then you will not get this update notification on your phone. You have to install the stock version of OS on your S5 Active then check for this update.

Galaxy S5 Active Camo

Android 5.0 Lollipop is the latest OS released by Google. The Google team from Mountain View has done a lot more changes to this version of android then the previously released versions. This version of android has a beautiful material design interface which makes this version look stunning. Lollipop also has fast charging feature which can charge your phone’s battery in just 15 minutes. You can’t have the stock interface of Android 5.0 Lollipop on your S5 as you will get Touch-wiz UI after this update, but the stock applications will get material design on your phone. There’s also a range of other features including material design in the application drawer, screen pinning, smart notifications, new lock screen notifications, better battery saving mode with 90 minutes more battery life, Android Beam, Android RunTime, multiple device sharing, tap and go NFC payments and more.

If you are not getting the update notification, then you can check manually for this update using the steps mentioned below:

  • Go to Apps > Settings > About phone then tap on Software Update, this will check if your phone is eligible for any update or not (Enable your phone’s data connection of WiFi connection during this process).
  • You can also use Samsung Kies for checking the update. Download and install Samsung Kies on your Windows PC and launch it, then connect your phone to your PC via USB cable. Kies will notify you when it finds any update for your device.

I recommend you to download and install this update using a WiFi  connection as this OTA update measures 1.4 GB and can charge you a lot if you update using cellular data connection.

Note that this update is only for the Nordic countries and if you are in any other part of the globe, just don’t get down you will also get this update soon. And if you are living in the Nordic countries of Europe, then stop reading this, you should pick up your phone and start updating it and share your experience or any query you have with us using the comment section below.