Love Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich but don’t want to flash a custom ROM to your pre-existing device? Well before you rush out and buy a new device to use the newest version of Android OS, why not use Virtual DropBox to run it as a guest on your PC.

You can run a pre-configured Android 4.0 virtual disk image straight from your desk top computer which will allow you to use all the same options and features as  Androids 4.0 ICS, yet keep the host system unchanged. All you need to do to run Android 4.0 ICS on your Mac, Windows or Linux with Virtual DropBox is follow the instructions bellow.

As with all tutorials, proceed at your own risk. ConsumingTech will not take responsibility for any loss of data or damage to your device.

Run Android on Mac Windows & Linux With Virtual Dropbox

Step 1. First off you will need to download Virtual DropBox and install it onto your PC.

  • Virtual DropBox HERE

Step 2. Next download and extract the pre-configured Android ICS OS setup.

  • Android ICS OS HERE

Step 3. Once you have extracted the file, locate the file called ‘Android-v4.vbox’. Double click on this and the file will load in VirtualBox.

Step 4. When the file has loaded, double-click the ‘Android-v4 VM’ which will be displayed in the left sidebar. This will start Android ICS in a virtual machine.

Step 5. Whilst it is booting, you should be able to see two options. Select the ‘Android Startup from /dev/sda’ option to continue the booting process.

It works very similar to the way it runs in an Android emulator so tasks like navigating between screens and using applications shouldn’t be too hard to get the hang of.