Thankfully we have a very quick and easy method thanks to a developer that goes by the name of yaggermr. The Sequent can be seen as a little lackluster considering its $199 purchase price. Because of this, you should be looking to get the most out of it, and rooting is how to do that. It is, however, without question a step up from its predecessor which was also designed by the Chinese manufacturer ZTE, so hopefully, they can continue to push in the right direction.

Before you begin please ensure:

  • You are only performing this root on a PC running Windows.
  • You have installed the relevant ADB drivers. You can get these from the ZTE website.
  • You have USB debugging switched on. To achieve this simply go to ‘Menu’ > ‘Settings’ > ‘Developer Options’ > ‘USB Debugging’.
  • You understand the risks associated with rooting your device. Your warranty will be void and although it doesn’t happen often there is a small chance you may brick your device.

Rooting the ZTE Warp Sequent

Step 1. First you will need to download the following:

Step 2. You will need to extract the files somewhere easy to locate such as your desktop.

Step 3. Now using your USB, connect your device to your Windows PC.

Step 4. Locate and double-click the ‘runme.bat’ file from the files you extracted in step 2.

Step 5. Instructions will appear on-screen which you need to follow carefully.

Step 6. Once you’re finished your device will be rooted.

Now that your device is rooted, you can instantly download rooted apps. Furthermore, you may be interested in checking our custom ROMs.