Anyone who is a computer savvy person and owns the Xolo Q800 X-Edition device can enjoy the Hosts Editor application once they have rooted the device and unlocked the operating systems. Both rooting and unlocking the operating system are achieved when you follow the guide after the break.

The Hosts Editor is an application that has been around for rooted users for a long time. Basically it allows those with enough skill to use the app and block access to some websites. That same kind of access blocking is useful for anyone who has children. The Hosts Editor application can also be tweaked to block ads for anyone who cannot stand the sight of a banner advertisement. Of course, we do not promote that kind of activity because sites like us will be shut down, but the option is there for anyone who is hell-bent of achieving it.

Xolo Q800 X-Edition

Files You Need

  1. Download the latest version of the Framaroot application for the Q800 device from here.
  2. Understand that by rooting the Q800 X-Edition device, you are agreeing to void the Xolo warranty. Any device that comes with a normal Android operating system without any additional security can unroot and the warranty will start working again. Furthermore, you may continue to root and unroot the Q800 device as many times as you want and it will continue to do the same thing. There are no limits as to how many times you can unroot a device and get the warranty working again. If you unroot once and it works, then you may continue unrooting as many times as you want.

Rooting the Xolo Q800 X-Edition

  1. Enable the Unknown Sources option from your Xolo’s settings menu so you can install applications from outside of the Google Play Store.
  2. Install the Framaroot application on your device the same way you would install any other APK file. You can get it done by installing one of the Best File managers for Android from the Google Play Store ,or by using the built-in File Manager that comes with your device. Alternatively, you can install APK’s directly from your smartphone web browser application if you prefer.
  3. Once you have installed your one clickrooting application, tap on the Framaroot icon that is now available from your apps area on the device.
  4. Scroll down underneath where it says ‘Install SuperSU’ and tap on the Boromir option.
  5. The Boromir exploit will now root your Xolo device. Wait until you get a message before you touch any buttons.
  6. Look for the Exploit Result pop up box to give you a success message at this point and then close the application after you do see that message.
  7. Reboot the Xolo Q800 smartphone by pressing the Power button and then selecting the option to switch the device off completely or reboot.

In conclusion, that’s everything you need to root the Xolo Q800 X-Edition smartphone using the trusted Framaroot one click rooting package that will root your device running any Android firmware.