The Sony Xperia ZL is a neat looking mobile, which has all the usual style points we have come to know and love from Sony as a phone brand. It always has its particular shape that is quite square, but yet still very elegant. Some people love them; some people hate them, but it is hard to dispute that it is a professional look they have come up with in terms of design. It is certainly not the cheapest device is the range so many people will choose not to risk doing something like that. However, there is always some who can either afford the possible risk, or just don’t care. If you fall into either of the latter two categories, then check out the guide.

We find rooting this smartphone is easy and when you finish it will open up a world of possibilities that previously wasn’t there. Many people much prefer this new world than the original business one that Sony and other device manufacturers had planned. The goodness is that Google And Android love to be known as “open” and back you all the way to having fun with your gadgets by carrying through with this thing. Therefore don’t be afraid to dive in! However, before you there are some things you should know. It is easy to get excited and dive head first into the steps, but I highly advise you take the time to read what I am about to say because it is there to help!


Backup all of the data that you have added to the Xperia XL since you bought. It does not matter if it is apps, contacts, or just call logs and text message logs. If you do not want to lose it then back it u because the threat is always real of losing data unexpectedly. The key word here is unexpected because we do not predict and nor should we expect to lose anything along the way, but stranger things have happened. We work with devices every day and sometimes these things can happen. We do not know what you already have installed and what conflicts that might bring to this procedure. It is always a good idea to backup! Use either the internal storage or external storage. If you have trouble backing up the applications then go to the store and buy an SD card for external operations. Contacts can easily sync with Gmail. The XL comes with only 16 GB of built-in storage space so many of you might not have any choice but to go for the additional microSD, microSDHC, microSDXC storage expansion option of up to 64 GB.

We require Fastboot and will need to be downloaded on the Windows-based PC before starting.

Make sure you have USB Debugging Mode enabled and the up to date USB Drivers from Sony so that a successful connection happens between the smartphone and computer.

The battery provides only ten hours talk time, and that is considerably less than other devices. Because it could be its size, but still we see another smartphone this size these days and they last a lot longer. With that in mind, make sure you have enough power to see through the tutorial. If another handset needs 60% then I would have 80% for the XL. Even more so if you have used it a lot because, over time, the battery does not last as long.

Make sure there is no antivirus program running on the Android-based mobile or the Windows-based PC. Pay close attention to firewalls, antimalware and other security programs and applications.

How To Root Sony Xperia XL C6502 Running Ice Cream Sandwich or Jelly Bean

1. Download the root package and extract the folder to the Windows PC. It doesn’t matter where you want to get this part done as long as you can find it later.

2. Pick up the USB cable and put it into the slot on the motherboard for it. It will now let you know the computer is detecting the handset.

3. Run the RunMe.bat file and when it asks you to select one of the modes it has select standard mode followed by “root.”


If your device is in a boot loop or displaying something that doesn’t seem right, there is one way to fix it. Boot it into recovery mode and navigate to where it says perform a factory reset. It will permanently wipe the handset so that it looks identical to when you first bought it. It will take away all the applications and your contacts and any other persona data you may have been storing on the phone. That is why you must backup to internal storage before starting the guide.

This root tool comes with many of the other model number and devices under the Xperia name. It is also constantly being updated to support more Sony devices all the time. Currently, it is up to version number 33. You can see the full list of supported devices by clicking the original link at download your file. The first page it opens up to will be the XDA thread where it has all the developer notes. There is also the option of donating to them while you are there.

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