The LG Spirit 4G Ms870 is a fairly cheap device that packs the good, and by that I mean it did well to put a 4G speed on board. It managed to be quick onto the scene with that which no doubt pleased its owners. Because it is not in the upper echelon of mobiles out there, to say the least, it has proven to be popular to customize, and why not? There’s no reason to not equip this puppy with any sweet Rom’s and the latest apps that would otherwise not be available to the user.


Don’t dive into the manual just yet until you pick up the LG USB drivers. It is one of the most common things to get wrong. Some people will not have them, and others will think that they do have them, but they are out of date. Whatever category you fall into if you come across any problem and it does not work this is where you want to revert your attention to. Once you have eliminated this as a potential problem, then you can move on. At the bottom of the page is the other common problem people make to do with security.

Do not try and install the file required for this guide on any other device. Most files get tailor made for certain devices, and this is one of them. It can potentially brick your handset if you do not listen to this advice. If you want to root another handset instead of this one then look up a guide for it by using our search box located over to the right or type in the new smartphone name in the Google search box. Don’t forget to type also in the firmware build number to obtain the best results.

Note that this guide is for advanced users. Do not try and use it if you have not got any experience. If you are desperate because you do not have any friends that can help you then leave a comment, and we can go through it with you in real-time to answer your questions or quires.

Pick up the LG USB drivers so they are up to date from the official website.

Make sure to enable the USB Debugging Mode. Go to the Developer Options menu and inside here is where you will find it. Sometimes this menu is hidden. If it is hidden for you too then go to Settings > About Phone > Software Information. Tap on the build number many times in quick succession and it will unlock it. Now go back and enable it

The LG Spirit 4G Ms870 Root Guide:

1. Make sure there is enough battery power left in the icon on the handset’s screen or else this could spell trouble during the installation. Three quarters full will be fine.

2. Enable USB debugging on your device.

3. Download the LG Spirit 4G root tool and extract the files to the desktop of your computer.

4. If you are noticing any issues it could be because of the anti-virus you have installed. You will not need to uninstall this, but it might do the trick of you disable it until this procedure is done.

5. Connect the Spirit to the computer and choose the charge only option from the device and then run the run.bat file. Follow the commands and finish up.

6. Disconnect the MS870 by removing the USB connection from the computer and the phone. There will be a USB icon in the task bar which you should mouse click on and make a proper exit firstly.

As long as all of the steps have been followed correctly, there should be any problems with a successful installation. Those two main points will take up many of the problems that some will face.

If, for any reason, you fear the worst a full factory reset if your best option to get out of trouble from here. It will always be made from recovery mode. Check your handset manual for the right way to go about it.

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