Rooting the Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphone with the SM-G930FD model number is done by installing a custom recovery and then using the version of SuperSU that we have in this guide. The SuperSU app is going to grant root permissions to the root apps you want to be installed on your device while also denying root access to the internal system to any apps that request root access that you do not know about. You will always be prompted on the display when an app wants to be granted the root access on your device, and it is up to you to say no to anything that you cannot identify or do not want to have root access. You do not want a hacker or any apps you do not trust to have the ability to jump between apps on your device. Those situations can become dangerous if you have banking applications or your privacy can be in jeopardy should they gain access to something like your messaging app.

Here is everything you need to root the Samsung Galaxy S7 SM-G930FD smartphone running on the Android 6.0 Marshmallow update by using the SuperSU application by Chainfire and the custom recovery.

Samsung Galaxy S7

Files You Need

  • Download the right version of the SuperSU app for the SM-G930FD model number running Android 6.0 Marshmallow from here.

You must have a custom recovery installed on the Samsung Galaxy S7 SM-G930FD smartphone before you can root the device using this guide.

You can only follow this guide using the SM-G930FD model number of the Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphone. You can find out the model number of your S7 smartphone by pointing to the Settings > About Device > Model Number.


Rooting the Samsung Galaxy S7 SM-G930FD running Android 6.0 Marshmallow

  1. Enable the USB Debugging Mode from the Samsung Galaxy S7’s Settings menu so you can complete the rest of the guide.
  2. Download the SuperSU zip file to the computer and have it waiting on the desktop without unzipping the file.
  3. Connect the Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphone to the computer with the USB cable.
  4. Copy the SuperSU zip file over to the S7’s internal storage SD card and then unplug the device from the computer and the USB cable.
  5. Press the Power button to turn off the S7 smartphone and then hold the key sequence for the recovery mode to boot your device into the custom recovery you installed earlier.
  6. Tap on the Install button from the main recovery menu and follow the prompts to browse the SD card for the SuperSU application.
  7. Swipe the bottom of the display to confirm you do want to install the SuperSU on your S7 smartphone and then press the option to reboot the system when you are done.

In conclusion, that is all you need to root the Samsung Galaxy S7 SM-G930FD smartphone running on the Android 6.0 Marshmallow software update by using a newer version of the SuperSU application and a custom recovery. You can install any version of custom recovery if you know of another version that we have not created a guide for yet. So long as your recovery gives you the option of installing zip files, there is nothing wrong with using any recovery of your choice.