Anyone who wants to root the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus smartphones has the luxury of doing so using the CF-Auto-Root tool by Chainfire, which will install and enable the SuperSU on your phone without you having to install a custom recovery image. Most rooting guides you find online that are made for smartphones and tablet outside of the Samsung range make you install a custom recovery and then install the SuperSU from the custom recovery since it is the new aftermarket recovery that is allowing the uploading and installation of zipping files.

The SuperSU application is the best solution we have to date with regards to addressing the problem we have on the Android operating system where we cannot open the OS for some apps and close it for others. That would ideally be the case all the time for our stock Android but Google cannot get the software to detect automatically what malware is and what it isn’t so the best solution is what SuperSU does. What SuperSU does is block everything and then send us a message letting us know which applications are requesting root access and then it is up to us what decision we make. We can choose to allow the rooting permissions to all the applications we know we did install and then decide to block all apps that we do not recognize, so we always play it safe. One of the only issues that come to mind with that is what is stopping these apps we are taught to trust from becoming corrupt? It could happen, though the scenario is unlikely because there are incredibly intelligent geeks a lot of the time using the apps that root access provides for so it would be difficult never to get caught. If they were to get caught then they would lose the business of the app and whatever it was doing for the world, so in that sense, it is always keeping itself honest if nothing else.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus

Chainfire made the CF-Auto-Root package found in this guide and based on the MMB29K.G928R4TYU2BPB6 firmware build number which is firmware that rolled out as part of an Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow software update to at least one region around the world. You do not have to be running that same firmware build number that Chainfire himself was running when he made the rooting file. He stresses that this guide should work for all of you with the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus smartphone with the SM-G928R4 provided that it is running on the Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow software update.

Files You Need

  • Download the CF-Auto-Root tool for the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus smartphone with the SM-G928R4 model number running on Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow from here.
  • Download the Samsung USB Drivers on the computer from here.

You must have a computer that is running on the Windows operating system to flash the CF-Auto-Root tool with the Odin flashing application that we are using in this guide. The MacOS and the Linux distributions will not be able to run the same Odin flashing tool, which is why you must be running the Windows operating system instead.

You must have the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus smartphone that has the SM-G928R4 model number to use this guide. You can check out what model number comes with your Galaxy S6 Edge Plus smartphone by tapping on the Menu > Settings > About Device > Model Number.

Your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus smartphone may be subject to some more software updates that roll out over the air or become available from the Sam Mobile website which is still based off of the Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow updates. Sometimes those updates bring new bootloaders with them and the new bootloaders can stop the CF-Auto-Root tool from working until Chainfire updates the files. For Chanfire to be able to update the CF-Auto-Root files, he relies on people to leave the new recovery image files over at the XDA-Developers official website forum page that is made for the CF-Auto-Root tool. Once you leave the message on the thread along with the new recovery mode file to go along with your model number and details, he will apply the necessary changes to the rooting package on huis end and then the rooting files will start working again. These cases are very rare, but when they do happen, they can result in a device not booting or not flashing after attempting to flash the CF-Auto-Root package. The changes that Chainfire makes to the CF-Auto-Root tool will always be updated on our website in real time because we link directly back to where Chainfire applies his updates.

Rooting the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus SM-G928R4 smartphone on Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow updates

  1. Unlock the Developer Options menu on the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge smartphone so you can see the list of options at your disposal inside.
  2. Enter the Developer Options menu that you just unlocked and then check the box that is there for the USB Debugging Mode.
  3. Run the Samsung USB Drivers on the computer for your Galaxy S6 Edge Plus so that it can connect to the computer and use its applications like the Odin flashing tool.
  4. Extract the rooting file to the desktop of the computer and you will get the two files on the desktop that you need, namely the Odin app and the rooting exploit files.
  5. Turn off the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus and reboot it holding down the hardware button combination for the download mode and then connect it to the computer with the USB cable.
  6. Double-click the Odin executable file that is on the desktop and the flashing tool we are using will open so you can see the user interface and its buttons.
  7. Do not change any of the default settings from those buttons that are available from the Odin user interface.
  8. Click the AP button from the Odin user interface and then browse through to the desktop location and upload the rooting file that says CF-Auto-Root in the name and ends in the tar.md5 file extension.
  9. Click the Start button from the Odin user interface and then wait for the flashing for the rooting file to end.
  10. Look over at the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus’s display and check that you get text scrolling down the screen that says it is getting the SuperSU flashed, cleaning up the cache partition and the reflashing the stock recovery.
  11. Look back at the Odin app user interface on the computer and wait until you can see a pass message writing inside a green box that is letting you know that the rooting has completed.

In conclusion, that is how to root the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus smartphone that comes with the SM-G928R4 model number when you have it running on the Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow software updates by using the CF-Auto-Root tool by Chainfire. You can check out any of the custom recovery images that are available for your smartphone such as the TWRP Recovery made by the open source Team Win group. Moreover, you might just want to wait for the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus handset to reboot back into the normal mode and then hit up the Google Play Store and check out the root checker apps. You will find at last one root checker app that is available to install for free if you do not have any money and it will gladly check the root status of your phone. Furthermore, once you have verified that your Galaxy S6 Edge Plus smartphone is, in fact, rooted you can open the Google Play Store application once again and start to install your root apps like the Titanium backup application. Titanium is the best backing up the solution you can get, especially if you do not plan to go on and install a custom recovery image such as the Team Win TWRP Recovery and use the NANDroid backup option.

Now that you have your Android operating system finally rooted you can start checking out all the things that there are to with your rooted Android smartphone. The list goes into detail about custom ROMs, custom recoveries, removing the system applications that most people refer to as bloatware when they do not want them, increasing the battery or performance, overclocking the GPU and CPU, plus a full range more.

There might be some instances where people have checked the root status with the root checker application, and it is telling them that it is not rooted and yet the Odin flashing application gave it a pass message. For all those times, you might want to check that your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus smartphone is indeed getting into the recovery mode like it is supposed to after the flashing with the Odin app. By default, the CF-Auto-Root tool is made to enter the recovery mode automatically, and it does it very quickly while your phone is being rooted. However, sometimes that does not happen and if it does not, then your smartphone will not have the SuperSU installed and enabled which could be why the root checker app is not giving you the correct root status. You can always boot the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus phone into the recovery mode manually once the flashing is done and the phone reboots and the rooting should work still.

Furthermore, once you have checked that your device is getting into recovery mode, you might want to try installing another version of the Odin flashing application and seeing if that fixes your problems instead. Odin comes in a few versions that are popular but only one of those versions bundled with your rooting tool. Try downloading one of the other numbered versions of Odin such as the Odin 3.09 or the Odin 1.85 and seeing if your device will flash the rooting file with it instead. Sometimes it takes people a few versions of the Odin application before one of them eventually sticks.

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