We always recommend advanced geeks to root their Samsung Galaxy Premier devices so they can install more applications. Sure, there are many reasons to unchain your operating system so it’s unlocked away from the factory restrictions tying you down, but the best reason for us has always been applications.

Apps might sound boring on the surface, but apps can do many things. With applications alone, we can change the appearance, improve speed, reliability and performance, increase the battery life, change the features, change the design and play games. There are even applications out there like Ad Away and Ad Block Plus that helps you remove advertisements, although we do not permit people doing that because then we cannot get paid for all our content.

Samsung Galaxy Premier

The CF-Auto-Root file in this guide is based on the Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean software update and the JRO03C.I9260XXALK8 firmware. It does not mean you need to be running that same firmware build ID on your Samsung Galaxy Premier smartphone to root using this tool. However, you should be using that is an indicator so you don’t have an image that is too old. Some of the Samsung smartphones, phablets and tablets will not boot the older images.

Files You Need

  1. Download the new CF-Auto-Root for the GT-I9260 on Android 4.1.1 from this page.
  2. The following rooting guide for the Samsung Galaxy Premier is intended for the GT-I9260 model number. Do not flash the same file in this guide on a different version of the Samsung Galaxy Premier smartphone or you will probably brick that device.

Rooting the Samsung Galaxy Premier GT-I9260 On Android 4.1.1

  1. Enable the USB Debugging Mode on the Galaxy Premier so it can connect to the computer with the USB cable and then start using the Odin flashing tool.
  2. Extract the CF-Auto-Root file to the desktop of the computer so you have the rooting file and the Odin file ready.
  3. Right-click on the Odin executable file and choose to run it as an administrator.
  4. Do not adjust the default settings you get from the Odin application after it opens on your computer.
  5. Turn off the Samsung Galaxy Premier and reboot it in download mode.
  6. Connect the Samsung Galaxy Premier to the computer running Windows with the USB cable you would normally use for charging the battery.
  7. Look at the Odin application on the computer and check the ID: COM port is glowing green and it says “added” in the message box. Now Galaxy device detected means you need to install the universal Windows ADB driver.
  8. Click the AP button and browse the desktop for the updated CF-Auto-Root file for the Premier smartphone. (Anyone using an old version of Odin will find the PDA button instead of the AP button.)
  9. Click the Start button and Odin will now flash your rooting exploit on the Samsung Galaxy Premier smartphone.
  10. Wait until the Odin gives you the pass message from the message box and your device display says it is about to reboot in 10 seconds.
  11. The Samsung Galaxy Premier smartphone will now automatically reboot to recovery mode without you having to touch anything. The CF-Auto-Root has been programmed that way by Chainfire.

In conclusion, that’s all you need to do to root the Samsung Galaxy Premier GT-I9260 running on the Android 4.1.1 software update. Any device that does not get into recovery mode automatically will need to reach recovery mode manually by using the hardware button combination for that mode after the flashing completes.