Back in the early days of Android rooting, the operating system was risky businesses. Developers were not anywhere near as renowned as they are now, and I think even they would be the first to tell you that the weren’t nearly as skillful as they are now. When Android was not as well known we always had the same options available because the principle of rooting has always been the same: get full system access so you can run the device as the root user.

These days we have incredible tools that help people root the Android operating system. From one click rooting tools like the CF-Auto-Root tool that Chainfire has made available for nearly every Samsung smartphone and tablet out there to the updated versions of SuperSU that people can flash a using custom recovery image. Both of these tools end up with the same result which is having the SuperSU installed and enabled. When it comes to rooting the Android operating system, we don’t recommend anything above getting SuperSU installed. The only choice you have to make is how you are going to get your device to the point of having the SuperSU installed.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Duos

If you aren’t someone who wants to have a custom recovery installed, then there isn’t much use going to the trouble of unlocking the bootloader if required and flashing a custom recovery so that you can flash the SuperSU. Instead, you can just download the Odin flashing application, have the Samsung USB Drivers installed on the computer and then flash Chainfire’s CF-Auto-Root tool to do the work automatically for you instead. It leaves your device with the SuperSU installed only, this time, you have the stock recovery and not a custom one.

Details We Should Know

  • Chainfire had the MMB29K.N9200ZHU2BPC4 firmware build number running on the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Duos SM-N9200 smartphone when he developed the CF-AUto-Root file that is available in this guide. You don’t need the same firmware build number as he was running. You just need to be running on a version of Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow and make sure you have the SM-N9200 model number.
  • If you use the CF-Auto-Root tool that is available in this guide and the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Duos does not boot after the flashing is complete it means that the rooting file needs updating. Leave the new recovery image from the firmware you are running in a message on the CF-Auto-Root tool thread made on the XDA-Developers website for Chainfire to see, and he will use it to update the file, so it starts working again.

Files We Need

  • Download the CF-Auto-Root tool for the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Duos SM-N9200 smartphone running on Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow software updates.
  • Download the Samsung USB Drivers for the Windows computer.

Rooting the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Duos SM-N9200 running on the Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow

  1. Start by turning on the computer and logging into it using the administrator account so the Odin flashing tool can run.
  2. Unlock the Developer Options menu on the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Duos so you can turn on the USB Debugging.
  3. Enable the USB Debugging Mode from the Developer Options menu so the Android software can allow for some developmental changes we are about out to make.
  4. Extract the rooting file to the Downloads folder on the Windows computer.
  5. Install the Samsung USB Drivers on the Windows computer so the smartphone can be detected by the flashing tool which then allows for the rooting to take place.
  6. Open the Downloads folder and click on the Odin flashing app file so the flashing tool opens.
  7. Boot the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Duos into the download mode and connect it to the computer with the USB cable.
  8. Check that Odin shows a blue or yellow ID: COM port which is there to let you know that the device is connected, and the Samsung USB Drivers are working.
  9. Do not make changes to the default options Odin has with al of its buttons available from the tabs.
  10. Click on the AP button from Odin and then browse through to the Downloads folder and select the rooting Md5 file to upload to Odin.
  11. Click on the Start button and the rooting for the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Duos smartphone begins.
  12. Read the new information that Chainfire has programmed to run down the display of the smartphone when the rooting is happening, including some new important notes explaining what to expect.
  13. Wait until Odin shows a green box with a pass message inside to let you know that it is complete.

In conclusion, that is how to root the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Duos SM-N9200 smartphone running on the Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow software updates by flashing the systemless root version of the CF-Auto-Root tool. Chainfire has named this version the systemless root version because it does not go through the system partition anymore. The result is apparently a better rooting experience, and you can fully unroot now by taking a factory reset from the recovery mode.

Rooting the Android operating system is all about what apps you can install. There are thousands of apps that people discover made available for them to install—all of which are not available to the average Android user without root access. If you just rooted your device and had no idea about any of the root apps that are available yet, you can check out our post on the best root applications for the Android operating system and learn some names. Keep those names in your head once you see them and input them into the search box in the Google Play Store or a Google search for the apps that are not available from Google Play.

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