Want to gain root access to this fantastic new Android Oppo Find 5 X909 phablet? We have the super easy method below (once again thanks to the brilliant work over at XDA Developers). The device is already packed with features which will most definitely hold its own against the competition, but to truly unlock any devices potential the best thing to do is get it rooted.

Before you begin:

  • This guide is specifically for the Oppo Find 5 X909 running Androids Jelly Bean.
  • This root will only work on a PC running Windows.
  • You have Java installed on your PC as we will be using a .Jar file for the root. If not yet installed please do so.
  • USB debugging must be on. To achieve this navigate to ‘Settings’ > ‘Applications’ > ‘Development’ > ‘USB Debugging’ and switch it on.
  • Last but not least, you will need to make sure you have installed the Oppo Find 5 USB drivers on your PC.

a. To achieve this download the following file to your PC:

Oppo Find 5 USB Drivers

b. Extract the file to your desktop.

c. From the control panel on your PC, launch ‘Device Manager’.

d. Locate the Oppo Find 5 from within the device manager. Right click on it and you will be presented with some options.

e. Select ‘Update Driver’.

f. Next select ‘Browse my computer for drivers’. Continue by pointing Windows towards the extracted .inf file from the first step.

g. Your PC should now detect you Oppo Find 5.

Root Oppo Find 5 X909 Running Android Jelly Bean

Step 1. Download the following file:

  • CASUAL-Revision248b.jar

Step 2. Using the USB cable, connect your device to your PC.

Step 3. Double click on the .jar file you downloaded in step 1 to open it (if you have problems with this you may need to check that java is running properly on your PC).

Step 4. From within the .jar file, you will find an option for your device marked ‘Oppo X909’. Select this option.

Step 4. Click on the ‘Do it’ button to begin the root process.

Step 5. Your device will begin rooting, be patient. You will see a message on your PC advising if that root has been successful after your device reboots. After this it is safe to disconnect your device from your PC.

Step 6. Download and install Busybox from the Google Play store on your Oppo Find 5. When you launch it you will be asked to confirm root permissions. You will know the root has been successful once you have allowed the root permissions and Busybox is working.

Now that you have finished, you can instantly download rooted apps. Furthermore, you may be interested in checking our custom ROMs.