If you own a HTC Wildfire S and want to get your hand on Superuser access and customer recovery then we have the guide for you. The root comes courtesy of Heritzover at XDA developers who has developed a method for a previously written root script.

With the aid of XDA.cn, chlinkchlinkand access to an update CWM Recovery version from alquez, the tutorial for how to root the HTC Wildfire S is laid out step by step after the jump.

Details of Note

  • You will need to make sure you have the Samsung Galaxy USB drivers. This is necessary for when you connect the device to the computer. You have to connect it to the computer in order to root the device.
  • You will also need to have USB debugging mode enabled in order to complete this guide. You can follow the link through that I provided and find out how to do that if you don’t know already.

Before you begin please ensure

– You are using the HTC Wildfire S.

– Your device has at least 75% battery life so it is not interrupted during the rooting process.

– You have unlocked the bootloader/ S-OFF on your device. To achieve this follow the instructions on the HTC Dev site. If you want to check if it is already S-OFF simply press and hold the ‘Volume Down’ + ‘Power’ buttons until you see a white screen. S-OFF or S-ON will be written at the top.

– You have a microSD card for your device that is formatted FAT32.

How To Root HTC Wildfire S & Install ClockworkMod Recovery

Step 1. You will need to download the following:

Step 2. Once you have downloaded the above files, save them to your desktop as they are.

Step 3. Using your devices USB cable, connect it to your PC.

Step 4. You need to place both the Root script file and the CWM file onto your devices SD card.

Step 5. One done, disconnect your device from the USB and make sure Fastboot is off. To achieve this simply go to ‘Menu’ > ‘Settings’ > ‘Power’ > ‘Fastboot’.

Step 6. Switch off your device and then switch it back on in Bootloader mode. To achieve this, press and hold the ‘Volume down’ + ‘Power’ buttons at the same time.

Step 7. When it opens should detect the PG76IMG.zip CWM Recovery file from your SD card. Select ‘Yes’ to begin flashing it.

Step 8. Once completed your device will reboot and you would have successfully installed CWM Recovery.

Step 9. Now we need to root the HTC Wildfire S. To achieve this, switch off your device and switch it back on in CWM Recovery mode. To achieve this simply hold down the‘Volume down’ + ‘Power’ buttons at the same time.

Step 10. From the menu, select the ‘Recovery’ option.

Step 11. This will direct you to the CWM Recovery menu, Select ‘install zip from sd card’then ‘choose zip from sd card’.

Step 12. Now locate and select the root script.zip file you transferred to your device sd card in step 4. This will begin the flashing process.

Step 13. After a few minuets it should be complete. At this stage select the ‘Go back’then ‘reboot system now’ options.

If you want to thank or contribute to the Devs responsible for this root you can click on the source link below.

Now that your device is rooted, you can instantly download rooted apps. Furthermore, you may be interested in checking our custom ROMs.

(Source xda-dev(Heritz)(alquez)(XDA.cn))