Google Nexus 5X is an ultimate smartphone for Nexus lovers. Google released Nexus 5 in 2013, and now the improved version is here, the appearance and of course the OS also developed because Nexus 5X comes with Android 6.0 Marshmallow, which is the latest version of Android released by Google. Talking about the specs will show us that how Nexus 5 have been improved on the performance level, this phone features a big and crisp 5.2-inch display which is then protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 3 with the oleo-phobic coating. At heart, this phone breaths fast with almost 3 GHz Hexacore processor for better multitasking. This phone also have 2 gigs of RAM and comes in 16 and 32 GB variant which is not expendable with any card slot, but you can do that using any OTG drive or cable quickly.

Rooting is the core need of any Android user for different tasks like using two Whats-app number at the same number or game killer (my favorite). As this device is new and need some time for a natural rooting attack but still, developers found a way to go through it and today I’m going to tell you the same. Just read those points to remember (they’re important).

Points to Remember:

  • Your data will get wiped during the rooting process so make a backup before.
  • make sure that your phone is charged to 60%.
  • After rooting, you will not get any update notification from Google.
  • Perform this process at your risk.

How to Root Google Nexus 5X with Encryption Disabled

  1. Download this adb package file from here and extract it to your PC desktop.
  2. Download these two files here and here and move them to the same folder you extracted the adb package.
  3. Download this SuperSU zip file and keep it on the desktop.
  4. connect your phone to your PC using USB cable.
  5. open the adb folder, right-click on the space inside the folder while holding the Shift key and select “open command window here” from the menu.
  6. On command window type this (without quotes) “adb reboot bootloader”.
  7. Your phone will reboot to the bootloader mode now type this on command window “fastboot oem unlock”, on your phone select Yes using the volume key and press power button to confirm.
  8. now reboot your phone and skip the setup this time.
  9. After that again type this command to boot loader “adb reboot bootloader” and when you phone gets booted to bootloader type this command “fastboot flash boot boot.img”.
  10. Now type this “flash twrp- fastboot flash recovery “recovery name”.img”.
  11. Now boot your phone to TWRP and select “allow modifications” then tap on the Wipe, select format data and confirm to wipe.
  12. Now reboot your phone and again skip the setup, just go to settings > security > encrypt phone and disable encryption.
  13. After that transfer, the SuperSU zip file from the desktop to your phone and flash it using the TWRP.

Voila! Your phone has been rooted, Enjoy! If you stuck somewhere in the process, then ask me using the comment section.

In conclusion, that is how to root the Google Nexus 5X smartphone with the encryption disabled.