Rooting the Aquos Crystal smartphone will open the gates up to a new world of device customization. Whether you decide to root and then install a custom recovery to go on and do other things, it all starts with rooting. Without root access, the things you can do from your custom recovery are limited. You cannot install most custom ROMs without root access, and you cannot flash a custom kernel to overclock your device. Anyone wanting a custom recovery for the sole purpose of taking NANDroid backups doesn’t make much sense seeing as we can take NANDroid backups from apps instead.

Speaking of apps, they possess lots of power with root access, and many people prefer just to root a device and do nothing else so that they can start installing new apps that require those same rooting permissions to run. One of the best root apps for 2016 is the DPI changer. The DPI changer app can do two things: change the DPI of your screen and change the PPI of your screen. By making those changes using the DPI changer app, you are enhancing the visuals of your operating system and making your device appear more modern and futuristic.

Sharp Aquos Crystal

Files You Need

  • You may use this guide for any smartphone carrier network that uses the 306SH model number. Check out the model number of your Sharp Aquos Crystal by heading to the Settings > About Device > Model Number.

Rooting the Sharp Aquos Crystal 306SH smartphone for all smartphone carrier networks

Update: it seems as though there is no longer any rooting method available for this device. The person who did originally make a thread over at the XDA-Developers forum regarding this device is no longer advertising the thread as a working rooting method, but rather an ode to him selling his device due to the constant troubles of getting the thing rooted.