Resident Evil is one of the most successful video games turned Movie series in history. The series just recently saw the release of Resident Evil Retribution, which was the 5th movie in the series. If it was successful, the movie makers vowed to come back one more time for the Resident Evil finale, Resident Evil 6, and it certainly seems that may be the case. It is anyone’s guess at this point when it is releasing.

If you are searching for Resident Evil Theme for CyanogenMod 10 Roms then look no further because we have a guide that will give you access to all of the Resident Evil Themes out there today.

How To Install The RE Theme On Cyanogen 10 based ROMs

1. First things first; you have to have an Android device running CyanogenMod 10 of course. It will also need to have a theme chooser installed in it.

2. Head over to XDA and jump on the Resident Evil thread and download the theme.

3. Boot up the PC and connect your Android device to it using the USB cable it came with. Next, you need to transfer the file from your PC to the Android device.

4. Assuming your device has a file manager installed onto it, open up the apk file.

5. On your device head over to settings>theme to find the theme.

6. Scroll down the screen until you find the theme called Resident Evil and select it.
That’s it. You will now have the Resident Evil them installed.

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