Republic Wireless will now be able to offer U.S.A customers the Moto X phone under a few different options. There’s the standard payout off contract which will set you back $299, or there’s also several plan options with different pricing.

RW is one of Americas smaller carriers, and as such, receives many of the goodies a tad on the late side. The good side is that they offer fantastic deals once they do get their hands on the goods to grow. The Moto X will be $200 cheaper if you buy it from Republic compared to any of the other big phone carriers like T-Mobile and Verizon. An offer, simply too good to pass up if you live within a region that has decent service for this company, plus you haven’t bought one of these handsets yet.

So far Republic Wireless has had a strict alliance with Motorola and have only sold two of their phones. The last Smartphone they sold together was the Motorola Defy. As long as they get sales we should see them advance and take on more work, which would be great to see.

The plans are straightforward: the more pricey it gets if you want the 4G over the 3G and the talk text and data amounts. They’ll run you through the details when you check it out. If it’s a tip you’re after, I’d definitely look to buy this mobile phone outright unless it’s one of the smaller plans you are shopping for. That said, even the plans offer you great value over the traditional price from the other sellers already giving this one away.