Having a blogging background has made me appreciate the website called Reddit more than the average person would. When some of my friends ask me who Aaron Swartz is I immediately reply he was one of the original founding members of the hit site Reddit before mentioning anything else like internet activist. During my first year of starting up my website I also posted my content on the social users generated news site before Reddit’s rules quickly put a stop to me sharing anything any more. These rules that they have in place has stopped me from visiting the site as much as I used to, but I can’t blame them for stopping people posting their own content. If you’re lucky enough people will share your posts for you, and when they do, they can quickly rack up many views.


All of the browsing I have done for subreddits has been from computer on PC or Mac. All of that is about to change, however, with the helping hand from this new app called Redd — Reddit client made by Craig Merchant. The application is specially made for iOS 7 and all iOS devices, including the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, although the developer states that it is best suited for iPhone 5. All users must be at least 17 years of age to download and install it because it has content made for mature audiences that the app can’t filter you from. That means if a child was on it, they could be exposed to content out of their age bracket. When you visit the app store link a message will appear on the screen of your device asking if you are over age or not. If you click the “OK” button, then it will download it for you. Downloading it is only 3.7 MB in size and once you install the new Redd version 1.2 you’ll be able to start browsing content straight away.

Even though we have a mobile browser in today’s day and age, a lot of websites choose not to use them because they don’t give viewers a chance to experience the website properly or they cut out much of the advertising revenue. For these reasons search engines like Google are going to find it very difficult to enforce rules to make webmasters upgrade and make their sites mobile ready. Reddit is one of those sites that if you browse it from Safari it just doesn’t look good. The home page comes up almost identical to how it would if you opened it from a big computer monitor. That makes it the perfect site for a client to have a mobile ready application to use instead. Redd really delivers from that aspect and provides you with a place to read, upvote and downvote, share stories, post picture easily and a lot more. It’s better to view from Redd because you don’t have to zoom in and out like you would from the standard Reddit site when viewing from a smaller device like the iPhone.

Download Redd for free from the app store. This is a great deal, when it first came out it cost $0.99.