Anyone who has been around computers for decades knows that many people choose to stay away from computers as much as they can because the thought of something going wrong scared them. Before I studied computers, they scared me too, and we frequently had to make trips to the local computer shop to get out of trouble. Those cases of concern back then are things I can easily fix now, but most people are not that technologically savvy.

The world of smartphones and mobile devices, in general, have the same ability to give people headaches. Due to how often we use them it is important that we have an easy way out of trouble should we ever find it. With Android, that easy way out is by accessing the recovery mode. The recovery mode is a different partition we can boot into that bypass what we know as the Android operating system. If we ever have malware or a virus then it is always on the Android operating system, so by making the recovery mode on a separate bootable partition, we can always get into the recovery mode. The idea is similar to Windows operating system on PCVs and the Safe Mode they have that allows people to get out of trouble.

Samsung Galaxy Alpha

The name recovery mode is about as simple as it gets and it does a great job of letting us know what it is for without us having to think. The hardware button combination that is required for us to get into the recovery mode is not so simple. If it were easy to press the buttons, then we would find people have accidentally pressed the combination with the phone in their pockets. With the recovery mode being a sensitive area where we can wipe the device clean it is important that people never accidentally get into the recovery mode which is why it is always hidden behind a complicated hardware key combination.

Entering the Recovery Mode on the Samsung Galaxy Alpha smartphones without a PC

  1. Start by turning the Samsung Galaxy Alpha phone off when you want to get into the recovery mode without a PC.
  2. Boot the Galaxy Alpha holding the Volume Up + Home + Power buttons together at the same time.
  3. You get the Recovery Mode screen now showing up[ on the display which is the equivalent of the bootloader mode on other brands.

In conclusion, that is everything you need to boot the Samsung Galaxy Alpha smartphone into the recovery mode using the hardware button combination without a computer. Now you can do everything from rebooting the system to applying updates from ADB, applying updates from external storage, applying updates from the cache, rebooting to the bootloader view the recovery logs, wipe the cache partition and wiping the data and using a factory reset.

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