HTC smartphones and tablets have what is called a recovery partition just like most other Android operating systems running on smartphones and tablets. One of the few exceptions to that list is the Sony brand who do not have a recovery mode like the rest. The HTC recovery mode is what people need to get access to when they have a problem and want to recover the device. Recovery mode is also necessary for rooting a smartphone, applying individual updates and applying a factory reset.

A custom recovery is similar to the stock version that comes with Android, but it is made by the third-party developers instead. A custom recovery can do all of the same things as a stock recovery and then a few extra that help people with flashing ROMs and kernels. It does not matter if you have the HTC One Max with the stock recovery or custom recovery partition installed, the way we get into the recovery mode is still the same.

HTC One Max

We get into the recovery mode by pressing a hardware button combination which takes us away from the Android operating system and into the recovery console that is neatly tucked away and is impossible for us not to get into because of a virus. The hardware buttons are the buttons that come on the device, and the combination for recovery usually takes a bit of work so that nobody gets into the recovery mode by accident. If the combination were easy and simple, then we might get into the recovery with the HTC One Max smartphones in our pocket. Due to the sensitive nature of what the recovery console is, it is imperative that we do not let that happen.

The following guide demonstrates how to get into the recovery mode on the HTC One Max smartphone using the keys on the phone.

Entering the Recovery Mode on the HTC One Max smartphones

  1. When you want to get into the recovery mode without a computer first, you must start by turning off the HTC One Max.
  2. Boot the HTC One Max holding the Volume Down button.
  3. Now press the Power button and keep holding the Volume Down button at the same time.
  4. You now see the fastboot mode screen on the display of the HTC One Max where you can choose to get into the recovery mode.
  5. Use the Volume keys to scroll down the list and the Power key to confirm your selections from the menu.

In conclusion, that is how to get the HTC One Max smartphone into the recovery mode without a computer. All you needed to do was press down a couple of the hardware buttons instead. They make the sequence of buttons you need to press a little strange, so you do not accidentally push the combination.