Qualcomm Smart Tool Module v1.0.0.10527 is an application for Windows-based operating systems that allows you to unlock, repair, read the flash, and other useful features on smartphones.

List of Qualcomm smart tool features:

  • Unlock the bootloader. You can easily unlock the bootloader by clicking the button for it from the CQOM smart tool’s interface. Before you can do any kind of customizing on smartphones that run Android, as a general rule you first must unlock the bootloader. This is true for those who want to install custom recovery images in particular. There are arguments to whether the bootloaer needs to be unlocked before you can root a device. For example, if you root a Samsung smartphone using CF-Auto-Root, then nothing is required on your behalf apart from running the one-click root file. However, generally you do need to unlock the bootloader before rooting on most smartphones, especially if you plan on getting root access from SuperSU which requires a custom recovery installed first.
  • IMEI unlock and diagnostic tools. The Qualcomm smart tool’s diagnostic tools and IMEI unlock is available for certain Huawei and Alcatel smartphones. You can see which ones from the drop-down menu. Each device’s model number is also listed, so you can easily understand exactly which smartphones the diagnostic tools are for.
  • Enable diagnostic interface over ADB. You can enable the diagnostic interface over Android Debug Bridge (ADB) for rooted smartphones.

QCOM Smart Tool Module interface
QCOM SMart Tool Module -- diag ADB enable, boot unlock

Download Qualcomm Smart Tool Module v1.0.0.10527

Note: When you extract the file, you may need to right-click on the Qualcomm smart tool and then click on Run as administrator to open the file.

Please visit the link mentioned at the end of this article to download the Qualcomm smart tool module version onto your computer.

Before you use the Qualcomm smart tool, we recommend backing up your data first just in case you would like to restore it again later. While the tool is a reliable one, it’s standard practice to backup first before you do any kind of customizing because sometimes things can go wrong or simply not as planned.

Download: Qualcomm Smart Tool Module v1.0.0.10527