The Piranha Box Tool is a smartphone service center that allows you to format, unlock, repair IMEI, get phonebook, file unlock, root with adb, replace char and more on smartphones with Android MTK chipsets.

While Piranha Box has many features, a few of the more popular ones include using it for removing the pattern lock, repairing the IMEI, and formatting the smartphone.

Sometimes after flashing new firmware with flashing tools, you need to repair the IMEI, and tools like this one can help with that. If the source that you used for flashing the firmware has a tutorial for restoring the IMEI, you should try following it before installing additional tools.

Piranha Box 1.50 tool features

Piranha Box comes with many features, but some of the standout ones include:

  • Remove the pattern lock. A lock screen is a computer interface on many of the leading operating systems including Android. A lock screen is designed to keep those who do not own your smartphone locked out. If you are unable to remember the password of your smartphone, you may need to use a tool to remove the pattern lock.
  • Fix touchscreen calibration. One of the leading reasons a smartphone’s touchscreen is not responding the way it should is because it needs calibrating. The only way to calibrate the touchscreen and get it responding to your touches again is by using applications, and Piranha Box is one of them. The Touchscreen Calibration app is another popular choice that is available on Google Play.
  • Get root access. You can use Piranha Box to get root access either with adb, onekey, or recovery. The Android operating system doesn’t give you the full administrative permissions out of the box. Instead, you need to root the smartphone to get them. Full admin rights over Android means there are no longer any restrictions on the types of applications you can install, many of which are still available on Google Play. With power comes responsibility though. Only root your smartphone if you know how to keep it free of malware.

Download Piranha Box 1.50 Tool

Please visit the link available at the bottom of this article to download the Piranha Box version 1.50 tool for your smartphone that works on computers running Windows 10, Windows 8.1/8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP (both for 32 and 64-bit PCs).

Before you use Piranha Box, you should take a backup of your smartphone just in case you need to restore it from a backup.

Download: Piranha Box