The Samsung Galaxy S5 is due to launch in a few days time on the 24th of February. It won’t end there either, as the South Korean multinational electronics company is planning on launching another Quad HD version of the Galaxy S5 in June sources say.

The QHD will be equipped with a 5.25-inch screen and an Octo-core Exynos 6 Snapdragon 805 processor that will surpass the power of today’s benchmark. There will also be a 16MP front-facing camera to take photos with. There will be two storage options: 32GB or the larger 64GB. This is a jump up from the standard 16GB and 32GB versions we normally see.

As we all know, Smartphone companies are always trying to outdo each other. When Samsung makes a move Apple isn’t far behind and vice versa. This is interesting news because I was reading yesterday that Apple were launching two different phones later this year and one of them will be dropping the trademark “iPhone” name. The reason suggested was because it was a phablet they were producing that came with a bigger screen. Samsung, as we all know, are a company that love to make big screen phones and is the pioneer of creating a standard Smartphone with a big display.

The Galaxy S5 will come in two different types: a metal body premium priced phone and a plastic body mid-range phone. Right now there’s lots of speculation which handset will make its debut on Feb 24 and which one will come out in June. The way it stands now, the T-Mobile version is the premium handset and rumors suggest that it is the one coming in June which means the one we are seeing in a few days from now will be the budget option made of plastic.

To support this idea even more, some clever developers have decided that the SoCs inside of the new Quad HD screens can’t handle the new 2560 x 1440 screen resolution. We are also expecting the new Snapdragon 805 processor to debut this year and it seems like now is too soon to see that. It would make sense to bring out the Snapdragon 805 with the better device that needs it. With that being said, it’s looking more like Samsung will continue the use of the snapdragon 800 processor for one last time now and then it is stopping later in the year.

Also rumored is that Sammy will bring out a Galaxy S5 Mini and S5 Zoom to join the line-up this year in 2014. It is also all but confirmed that the S5 will have a fingerprint scanner on the home button. To us, that sounds like they will be following Apple’s blueprint they made last year by putting the fingerprint scanner on the high-end phone and leaving it off on the low-end handset. We will find out everything in the next 90 hours.