“No boot file name received.” If you are watching this error and not finding any fix anywhere on internet then you landed on the right website. Today I’ll tell you about all the possible ways to remove this error from your PC and tell you why this error occurs on Windows PCs. If you are facing this error on your PC or laptop then I’m sure you are tensed and worrying about all of your data stored in hard drive of your PC but don’t worry you are not going to lose any file from your hard drive. Just apply the fix from this guide and your PC will be fine.

This error hit your PC screen when your computer can’t find any boot device. Some times your computer’s hard drive won’t work or have some bad sectors in it. Now you know how and why this type of error occur and go below to know how to fix the problem.

Linux penguin code

First I want to tell you that this error can’t be fixed using any software, you need to dis assemble your CPU manually and check for the error so what you need is a screwdriver and this caution written below:


Checking Boot Order

Turn your computer on and boot it to boot menu and check the “First Boot Device” section. There should be hard drive selected there as first boot device. If not, then select the hard drive having OS installed as the first boot device. This is important because if any other device is selected as the first boot device then that device should have OS installed on it otherwise your PC can’t boot up without an OS.

Checking Hard Drive

As I told you before, this error often occurs because of hard drive so you need to check if your hard drive is alive or not. To do this all you need to do is disassemble your CPU and remove your hard drive (if you have more than one hard drive attached. Now remove the one which have OS installed on it) and check it on another computer. If you can see a new hard drive in “My Computer” that means your hard drive is alive and your data is secured. But if you are not able to see a new hard drive then you are in big problem. Your hard drive might have been crashed so in that case either you need to buy a new hard drive or get it fixed by some repair center.

If your hard drive is good then you should go below and check if the next fix will work for you.

Checking the Wires

This error also can occur if any wire connected to mother board of your CPU is damaged or not connected. So better dis assemble the CPU cabinet and check for each wire. If all is fine here then move to next method.

Cleaning the CPU

This is an important step so better do it carefully. Disassemble your CPU cabinet remove wires (only if you know where to put them back other wise don’t remove) and clean off all the dust. Clean every part of CPU and all the components too. Hope this method will work for you.

If all the methods mentioned above didn’t worked then the error is of motherboard. The motherboard might have some errors on it.

And if any method worked for you and you are smiling now then don’t thank just like and share this article with your friends and tell which one worked for you in the comment section below.