The PTCRB certification services of the United States are applying the finishing touches to a new potential software update for the Sony Xperia M2 smartphone. The new iteration would move the firmware build number to 18.3.1.C.0.22. It’s a step ahead of the earlier 18.3.1.C.0.21 build. The numbers usually tell us a story about what to expect. Minor jumps in the digits mean slight changes. There could be great firmware news on the horizon if you are suffering from existing bug in your current version as this may be the fix brought in to support you.

As you probably know already, there’s a difference between firmware certification and a release. Just because a new firmware has passed through the PTCRB doesn’t mean it will always see the light of day. Furthermore, it can take several days to weeks before the firmware starting rolling out OTA.

Xperia M2

Some firmware is released for the PC Companion only. However, most times they arrive as an automatic notification just like they do for other Android smartphones from Samsung, HTC and Motorola. Tap the “download,” followed by “install now” from the display when you find the system message on your display. You want to install the file using the WiFi and not the mobile data to avoid unwanted data charges. Do not check your devices over the air signals for any notification. Likewise, do not check the Sony PC Companion. The new firmware is only for certification purposes.

Please let us know in the comments section if you are one of the first people to find the new update on your handset. We are always keen to learn what’s inside and in store for the other readers who are waiting for their version to arrive. All OTA’s roll out to devices in stages and it can take several days until it reaches everyone. Some roll outs last for longer. It depends on how many people own the device and whether it’s a global release or a local phone carrier release.