The ATIV SE is a Samsung smartphone that runs Windows 8 instead of the conventional Android and if you ask us, it looks cool. I enjoy seeing the tiled home screen of the Windows operating system on a handset that has the shape of a quality Galaxy S4 flagship instead of just the usual Nokia Lumia range that are very square. It also packs some of the exclusive Samsung features like the Channel Surf for Smart TV’s that essentially uses the phone as a remote. If you want to try the ATIV SE it is a Verizon exclusive deal so don’t bother looking anywhere other than the Big Red for deals.

By going over to the Verizon Wireless, website you can now pre-order this handset so that yours will be ready to own as soon as possible instead of having to wait.

Today Verizon has started taking in pre-orders for this fantastic LTE device so there is every reason to get excited if you are ordering. What’s even better is the fact that we are not expecting big waits on this handset so it will be more of an order when you are ready.

What we like:

The 13 megapixel rear-facing camera is still good for this day and does enough to compete with the best cameras on demand today. There is 2048 MB RAM on board that is lots so there won’t be any lag concerns. It has a big 5-inch display with a high 1080 x 1920 pixel resolution.

What we do not like:

If you are the person that only feels like you are getting good value from the product is it is up to date in terms of hardware then turn away now. This ATIV SE uses the Snapdragon 800 system chip. We are currently seeing the Snapdragon 801 being used for Samsung and HTC flagship and the 805 is coming out mid-year. That will leave this 800 feeling old before too long. Having said that, we do know that the 800 is a very capable chip in its own right and it handles gaming capabilities with ease.


Regardless of the aging processor inside, we love this phone for its uniqueness. It is truly a one of a kind and the fact that it is a Verizon exclusive means you likely won’t know many people who own one. The Windows 8 is a good OS that I like to use and it would be awesome to use it on something other than a Nokia. There is lots of originality, combined with more than capable hardware and a good 1080p AMOLED display.

If this was a mid-range smartphone we would be jumping all over it. Sadly they are expecting it to compete with the likes of the HTC One M8 and the Samsung Galaxy S5 and I would not buy this ahead of either of those two phones.

The ATIV SE is released on the 14th of April 2014 after being announced on the 4th of April. Prices start on a 2-year plan for $199.99. Shoppers also have the option of paying $25.22 a month or buying the device outright for $599. All of them are good options. Ideally if you are someone with lots of money, buy this one with no contract and upgrade after a year.