Earlier today Sony held an event in New York for revealing the PlayStation four. Reveal might not be the right word. As most of us were waiting patiently to see what the next-gen PlayStation four console would look like, that time never came. Instead, Sony revealed virtually everything but what the console looks like including features, specs, and graphical demo’s from games that have already been made for the PlayStation 4 including using the 1080P Full HD. And let me tell you, the graphics are out of this world.

If you had been following all of the PlayStation news leading up to this event, or even Xbox for that matter and the spec wars said to be going on, then you are probably acutely aware of what these graphics are said to produce and are just waiting for the demo already. If that is you then check out the clip below which is the official graphics demo for Sony PlayStation 4.

After watching you can see how amazing the features of humans face are compared to the now old PS3. There’s so much of a difference it’s almost going to be hard to continue playing the now outdated console while waiting in the wake of the newer version to finally hit stores.

Which brings us to the release date. When will the PlayStation 4 be released? That part is still a bit of a mystery with Sony not revealing any specific date. They did, however, reveal that it would be in time for the holidays. Presuming they mean the big US holidays, that will more likely than not mean around mid-year, or before mid-year. Still a bit of a wait away, but that would be within the time frame of a release after an event, so it makes sense.

As for the PlayStation 4 specs, they were indeed revealed today at the event. There are official images put up on the Sony site stating exactly what they all are, but for a brief run down they are as follows: The central processor is a single-chip custom processor. Memory is GDDR5 8GB. It comes with an entirely built in hard drive as predicted by us previously. An optical drive of course, and HDMI as well as digital outputs.