Phraseology has just been updated to version 2.0 and now has a new addition to the list of features that shows spelling issues. This update came in on the 28th of February and is only small, so it’s fine to update it using your mobile data instead of Wi-Fi. To use it, you will need an iPad running IOS 7 or later. It is not available for the iPhone at this stage, and it likely won’t change unless there are requests for it that we don’t know about. The problem with a small handset like the iPhone is that it’s not ideal for editing text on. Typically, editors will do their work from larger screens because it’s easier. The iPad is about as small as it gets. With that being said, the new iPhone 6 will be bigger than today’s 4.3 inches, and there’s also rumors of an Apple phablet under a different name that is coming later in 2014. These advancements in Apple technology could force text editing applications like Phraseology to expand away from the iPad.


This update adds a cool new “Show Spelling Issues” option in the syntax highlighter. When used, possible spelling errors (based on the same spell checking used by auto-correct) is highlighted in red. Tapping on one triggers the suggestion menu for replacements. The spelling issue highlighting cannot be used at the same time as part of speech, highlighting, so will disable other highlights when turned on.

There are lots of apps available on iOS that help with grammar and Phraseology is one of them. Rather than just correcting words, it also offers extra phrases to help you avoid writing the same things and avoid certain clichés.

When you start using an application like this, it’s important to remember that it doesn’t mean you will instantly become the next big author in your town, or the next successful blog owner. Yes, it can and will help you with errors it sees, but it, and all other English software tools, can’t be relied on 100%. They see all sections of your text instead of reading over it in full sentences. With English being so complex, it’s very hard for people to program software that is perfect for everybody writing. The tool will pick up mistakes that need to change, but it will still need human eyes to go over it again and proofread to make sure there is nothing left. Generally there will still be sentences that don’t make sense and other English errors that need adjusting. To do this it will need somebody who knows the basics of English, or even substantially more than the basics at times. It’s also common to save your new work that has been edited using software like Phraseology and then you refresh the page, and it picks up on extra things that it didn’t before. Often this is the result of parts of the altered sentences from the original copy before the page refresh.

The phraseology app is another great app that writers can use to help them create better writing. It, along with some other great ones like WordBook and WriteRight.

Download Phraseology for $2.99 at the app store.