If you have the Photo Editor 4.0 app downloaded on your Sony Xperia device, you should keep your eyes on the Update center for a new software update to the PE app. The new build number moves it to 3.1.A.0.46. According to the official changelog, the update comes with bug fixes only. The total file size is 1.7 MB. It marks the first time we’ve seen any Photo Editor application update come through the Update Center. That means it could mean we will see more of them in future, and with more features.

We wouldn’t expect a first attempt to carry much weight because it’s more of a test release. That said, it’s a helpful update if you were experiencing any bugs in the software. You can imagine how many chances for bug there is being such a graphical app. Sadly, any time we install new software it comes at the risk of developing new bugs which need ironing out in future installments.

Xperia Z1

Furthermore, just because the developers only announce one change doesn’t mean there aren’t more. According to reports, the highlight and shadow adjustments are gone. They may be more changes in store after we see others using the application for the next few days.

Those erring on the side of caution will prefer backing up the existing market apps with helium, or by using a backup option of their choice. Most modern-day smartphones have their own built-in back-up feature. Since the app is available for a range of Xperia devices, the steps could slightly change.

If you don’t want to wait for the official over the air signal to arrive for your phone or tablet, you can download the file manually from this link.