If you live anywhere but India and its surrounding regions, you would be excused for not knowing the name Micromax. Working with mobiles most days of the week has them well within our radars because of their huge following inside of India — they really do have many people using their products. They’re always fairly cheap and not running on the best specs, but India isn’t a place where the economy is high enough to support anything else on a grand scale.

Furthermore, the Asian OEM plans on teaming up with Windows Phone and producing their own Windows Phone range. That is speculation, and no doubt a lot will depend on how well their overseas business ventures progress. But if all things go to plan, there should be nothing stopping Micromax from achieving that.

This is the same company that recently signed up Australian actor Hugh Jackman to a lucrative contract to do the next bunch of adverts for them.

“We are very excited to welcome Hugh Jackman in the Micromax family as he truly embodies the aspirations, reinventing and fearless persona of the brand Micromax. As we look to expand our footprint across the globe in various international markets, the association with the Hugh Jackman is an ideal partnership for us to connect with audiences as he is the leading name in the entertainment industry in the world”

Back in May Micromax announced that they would be all in on the bigger phablet market, producing a 5.5 inch FHD one now.

India as a country saw a rapid growth in Smartphone use. 2012 figures show an increase by 48%.