So far it’s been a bag of mixed feelings when listening to the talk about Samsung’s up and coming flagship Smartphone release, the Galaxy S5. There’s some really intriguing news like the rumors that say it will have a plastic and metal version, giving customers a chance to buy a cheaper version of the S5 in plastic. That is also a good idea because I know of many people who prefer to own a plastic phone so it doesn’t break as easy when it’s dropped. That should result in even more sales for the South Korean multinational electronics company. Then there’s talk of it is coming out of the box with the latest Android 4.4.2 Kitkat which is brand new firmware released recently. It’s not often we see Android handsets get released straight away with the latest software on board, but Samsung has made sure that their flagship will be getting nothing but the best.

The bad news is that it doesn’t really have any special feature that we know of coming with it. Other than having improved specs, it doesn’t look like it will have anything new to capture and captivate the Sammy fan base this year. Whether you’re with Android or Apple this has been the general consensus for the last few years. Things were changing thanks to the curved/flexible displays, and there were high hopes we might be seeing that develop quicker than it has. Still, this is all only rumors, and we won’t know the truth until we see the Smartphone when it is officially revealed later on this month.

Today saw a new rumor announced that it could be coming with a waterproof case. This is something we haven’t seen a lot of since the advertisement for the LG Optimus GJ with a splash test. Along the similar lines, there has been a poster showing the Samsung Galaxy S5 being dropped in water on display in Germany. It doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be waterproof, but one has to wonder why they would show this. To make matters more complex, the writing on the poster is in German, and although there’s writing on it, it’s hard for us to understand the translation.

You can view the teaser I’m talking about here:

The teaser comes from the website O2 Online. The background is blue, and it meshes into the S5 dropping into the water so it’s hard to say if this is nothing more than designing techniques or if there is some merit to the idea of water becoming a big theme as the lead up to the big release day comes closer.

The metal version of the S5 will have a premium 5.25 inch super AMOLED display and GHQ resolution. This means it will have a better display quality compared to the plastic version of the Galaxy S5 that has a 5.25 inch super AMLOED at 1080p.