The NowNow Cydia tweak substitutes Siri for the voice recognition technology found in the new Google search app. The tweak is highly acclaimed as a faster version of Siri, some even going so far as to say it’s a Siri replacement. If you’re a person that still owns an older device that doesn’t come with Siri, this Now-Now tweak is one you should consider checking out.

Jailbreak tweaks, manage to come out quickly these days, and this jailbreak tweak is another excellent example of this. This tweak that lets users substitutes Siri for the Google Search voice-over comes to the BigBoss Repo only around a week after the Google revamped search app hit the app store.

It’s not just speed in which this tweak excels either. NowNow is being praised for its great accuracy with the results as well as its depth of field.

NowNow is simple to use. It is a handy utility for jailbroken iOS devices that lets users launch the Google search app simply by using the activation function. Meaning, there is no icon on the home screen for this tweak; instead, there’s an option inside of settings where you can choose Activator.

Many people are getting fed up with Siri’s antics. Sure, she was great fun when she first arrived, but she is slow and doesn’t answer plenty of questions, thus leaving users feeling a bit disappointed with her. If you are one of the users that fall into this boat, then you might find yourself pleasantly surprised with this NowNow jailbreak tweak.

How is NowNow different from having the Google voice search? It is similar in the fact that users can use the new Google voice search in a Siri-like environment. However, the Google voice search wasn’t created as a default voice search service. It changes all of that. Once you select Activator inside settings, it will indeed become your default.

NowNow does come with a slight dilemma for you to think about before deciding whether you will download it. It doesn’t integrate with the built-in app, so when it comes to setting alarms, leaving reminders and fundamental things like this you can forget it with this tweak.

While it is bad if you’re not someone who uses these functions and having the exceptional speed and quality, helpful answers are what you’re looking for then this tweak is a good one to check out.

It’s available for download from the Cydia store in the BigBoss Repo. Before downloading, please remember you will need a Jailbroken device to use this tweak.

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