Nokia has developed a strong relationship with Windows on the mobile platform, but until now there was no news of them forming a tablet partnership since Windows decided to go in their own direction and bring out the Windows Surface tablet. Now, though, as fitting as it seems, news has broken that Nokia and Windows will team up to produce a 10 inch Nokia RT tablet which will launch sometime this February 2013. The image displayed below gives us an imprecise idea of what the tablet may resemble when published.

Reports have stated that Nokia did indeed intend to team up with Windows on a tablet that would have already been released by now. The plans went so far as to announce and agree upon the development of 200,00 test units before Windows decided against it. Since then there have been no more rumours of the tablets ever being produced again, until now.

Although the rumours say it looks rock solid, just what the tablet will have inside has been very tight-lipped, with all most likely revealed during Mobile World Congress in February.

There isn’t much evidence to throw out there to sceptics other than this quote from the Nokia CEO when questioned about up and coming tablet plans.

“we continue to eye the tablet space with interest, but we have not announced any specific plans.”

For now, you ought to exercise your imagination to think up of ways that Nokia can change the already existing Windows tablet by putting their own spin on things. One thing is for sure. However; it will be different from the current Windows tablet range, while at the same time, varying from what we have already known as the Nokia Lumia range of Windows Phone products.

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