The Nokia Asha 500 is the newest member of the Asher family that will be with us soon. Up until now we have never had the chance to take a look at it. Thanks to Evleaks we now have a live render of what the device will look like and it looks like Microsoft are keeping the colorful thing going a bit longer.

Assuming the image resolution is close to being true, the mobile looks to be quite squarish and stubby; something we haven’t seen for a while. In a time where brands are constantly trying to make things look different, this looks like what Nokia has resorted to this time around.

Taking a closer look at the pic you will see around the edges a see-through layer. This is a double glazed polycarbonate glass design included to give it a more quality look.

The Asha series is traditionally Nokia’s entry-level, with the earlier 501 at $99. As you can image it never has possessed the features that make smart phones so great about today, however, there are always people on a strict budget and therefore it has a reason and purpose. If Nokia can continue to boost the appearance of the Asha then it should survive for a long time heading into the future.

Source: Evleaks