The latest fingerprint sensor was generally greeted with warm, positive reviews for the most part. However, there were some people I had spoken to that weren’t completely sold on it from a security standpoint. Some of us that are into technology are a bit naive in accepting security holes as no big deal, just as the non-tech loving community can go a bit overboard when mentioning things about security, when really there isn’t anything to worry about.

The security threats rightfully get magnified and the world gets put into perspective once the technology giants like Apple can’t even get a major firmware released rolled out with a massive exploit in it. It seems for the second time in the first week of iOS 7’s existence, that’s exactly what has happened.

iOS 7

The first exploit was the way a hacker managed to get passed the pass code unlock screen, which then gave access to certain areas inside the iPhone. Today another exploit has been found, this time letting users make phone calls without even having access passed the lock screen. What exactly is going on here?

You would think simple things like this surely wouldn’t exist, but as of now they most certainly do. In order to take advantage of this exploit, all an iPhone users need to do is enter the phone number in an emergency dialer, no pin code required.